A specialist from Ritenour Custom Lawn Care, Inc. can address all of your needs regarding shrub and tree care. We offer specialized Butler tree services timed throughout the season to target and resolve common problems effectively. Our business has devised a 6-step program for fall, early and late spring, and early and late summer. This empowers us to be here for your trees and plants all year long, not just when the weather is warm. Constant care is the most effective method of ensuring that your trees live long and healthy lives.

Lawn and tree care is every bit as vital to a healthy and happy home as a clean house. These are the first parts of your property that anyone sees, and first impressions can be long-lasting. Trees and shrubs add shade and value to your landscaping in Butler, PA, not to mention their contribution to air quality. We save them from destruction and damage so they can go on serving you and your family or business for a long time. Some common treatments our professionals can administer to your trees and shrubs are:

  • Apple Scab Protections
  • Root Zone Injections
  • Wilt Proofing
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Insect and Disease Control


After more than half a century of working on residential and commercial properties, we have taken the care of trees, grass, and plants down to a formula. While our services are personalized to ensure optimal results, we’re careful to perform them at certain times of the year for consistency. Pest control in Butler, PA, for example, is best done with egg-laying times in mind and with the intention to prevent bugs from seeking warmth in winter. We want to make certain that our work is as efficient as it can be, and we do so by following this plan:

  1. Dormant Oil Spray – Targets parasite scale and over-wintering insects on trees and shrubs during early spring.
  2. Deep Root Feeding – Provides a long-term source of nutrients to all ornamental trees and shrubs during early spring.
  3. Insect and Disease Spray – Applied around April to May. Targets problem insects and helps prevent and control disease.
  4. Insect and Disease Spray – Applied June to July. Targets mites and other problem pests.
  5. Insect and Disease Spray – A second treatment around August to September for good measure.
  6. Deep Root Feeding – A final treatment in fall provides a long-term nutrient source to all ornamental trees and shrubs as part of our tree care.

Your plan begins when you contact us for a free estimate.