Infestations are one of a home or business owner’s worst nightmares – Ritenour Custom Lawn Care, Inc. is here to help stop them from ever coming true. Hiring our company for pest control in Butler, PA, is a surefire way to protect yourself and your family and guests or employees and customers. While other treatments may take days, our perimeter service secures your property in minutes. We prevent pests from entering your property by treating the exterior. Our professionals can apply barrier treatment to all points of entry to keep insects outside where they belong.

Seasonal application of lawn pest control in Butler, PA, is ideal for keeping up with newly hatched eggs and any bugs searching for warm shelter. Rest assured that our pest control treatments are safe and gentle on soils and lawns, and once they’re dry, children and pets can safely walk on any applied surfaces.


We approach pest and yellow nutsedge control the same way we approach tick control: through careful targeting of specific locations. Through these methods, we protect your property’s landscape and isolated perimeter around your home. These include mulch, soil, and even turf, where pests commonly invade your living or working space. Treatments may be applied in a band up to 10 feet wide, and foundations may be secured up to a height of 3 feet, depending on your unique landscape circumstances.

Contact Ritenour Custom Lawn Care, Inc. for a lawn treatment in Butler County that will leave your home pest-free. We’re based in Butler, Pennsylvania, but serve Grove City, Kittanning, Freeport, and other nearby areas.