Lawn Care Services in Butler County, PA

You can count on the experts at Ritenour Custom Lawn Care, Inc. for comprehensive lawn care services in Butler County that are tailored to your preferences. Every yard is unique, and we’re prepared to meet that challenge by developing a special plan for each one. When you decide to make an investment in your lawn, just call us, and we’ll perform an inspection to determine what needs to be done to get your lawn looking its best. This enables us to provide you with a free estimate of the work, like a doctor writing a prescription after an examination.

Depending on your situation, our services may span the gamut of lawn fertilization, weed control in Butler County, insecticides, fungicides, lime, aeration, and more. Another popular offering is grub control. Grubs can destroy a whole lawn and be tough to get rid of once they’ve invaded. We make prevention possible with a single treatment, which is a far easier option. Just one application lasts all season. Our technicians get the pests out and help the good stuff grow.

Our 6-Step Lawn Program

Nearly every season brings a chance to improve your curb appeal through lawn fertilization and other services. Here we outline how our lawn care company in Butler County achieves an ideal color and condition for your lawn all year long in only 6 steps:

1.         Spring Application – A balanced fertilizer to enhance color and promote dense turf. Pre-emergent crabgrass.

2.         Late Spring Lawn – Complete fertilizer, weed control, chinch bug, and sod web worm control (if needed).

3.         Summer Lawn – A balanced slow-release fertilizer, spot weed control, chinch bug, and sod web worm control (if needed).

4.         Fall Lawn – A balanced slow-release fertilizer, broadleaf weed control.

5.         Late Fall – Winterizer for increased root growth and early spring green-up.

6.         Lawn Grub Control – Guaranteed season-long preventive grub control.

Taking an Organic Approach With Holganix

Holganix is a bio-nutritional. This means it works with a probiotic approach, promoting more efficient use of the soil's surrounding nutrients. It does this while utilizing organic food-grade edible ingredients. Because Holganix contributes to a more robust ecosystem in and around your soil and plants, it adds to your plants' overall health. In short, bio-nutritionals promote healthier plants, and healthier plants make for a healthier ecosystem.

Our lawn care services include Holganix. All of our products are pet-safe.

Contact our professionals for lawn care done your way. We enjoy using our skills to tend the local land.