Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to rake your leaves in the fall. Doing right requires some preparation. It’s important to have the right gear to prevent injury, choose the right time to rake, remove thatch at the same time, and put those leaves to good use. Here is a quick guide to help you rake your leaves efficiently:

Preparing to Rake
Raking leaves can cause injury if you do not approach the task with the right equipment. To prevent blisters, make sure you wear work gloves. Use a mask if you have outdoor allergies, and if you have back problems make sure you wear a brace.

Choosing the right rake is also important. A heavy metal rake is used for evening out the soil in the garden and should not be used for leaves. Look for a rake that has a length suitable for your height and is made for raking leaves. Ergonomic models are available, as well as rakes with a cushion grip to protect your hands. Purchase a rake with sharp tines so that you can remove thatch while you rake, and a wide head to increase your speed.

For your own sanity and health, wait until almost all of the leaves have fallen to rake, so you can get it all done at once.

In our next post, we will discuss efficient ways to rake, and methods for disposing and reusing the leaves once you are done. When you need effective landscaping in Butler, PA, call Custom Lawn Care, Inc. at (724) 287-3149.