Hydroseeding in Butler County

Hydroseeding Truck

When you’re tired of trying traditional methods and not seeing results, Ritenour Custom Lawn Care, Inc. has a better solution. Our most economical choice for establishing your desired turf is professional hydroseeding in Butler County. The lawn quality this practice affords is far healthier, greener, and longer lasting than sodding or hand seeding. Your root establishment will go deeper into the soil and void the shock of being transported into foreign soils. We’re armed with the equipment and skills necessary to complete this job expertly.

Although hydroseeding doesn’t allow an “instant lawn” gratification, it’s definitely one of the preferred lawn treatments in Butler County for long-term benefits. The combination of cost, quality, coverage, erosion control, and health tip the scaled in favor of the plentiful advantages of the hydroseed treatment. Erosion control especially allows your lawn to last longer, even if you are on a hilly or sloped property. We’re happy to tell you more about the perks of this service and provide a free estimate when you reach out to us.

Hydroseeding Helps Every Landscape

Rick Ritenour Spraying Hydroseed

Mixing seed and mulch for the planting process has become increasingly popular for a wide array of job sites and applications. These include residential and commercial landscaping in Butler, PA, hillside stabilizations, vegetation restoration, and even golf courses. The process to hydroseed is faster and allows for more even distribution – at a fraction of the cost. You’ll be left with a beautiful lawn that all of your neighbors are sure to envy and more money left in your wallet when it’s over.

While sod can and often is incompatible with the soil it’s laid on, hydroseeding allows for customization. We can make a mixture to match your soil and ensure success and strong growth. Our team has everything needed: the experience, the equipment and tools, the know-how, and the desire to give our customers the best. We believe that every home and business should have the healthiest lawn we can give them.

Get Fast-Growing Green Grass

R Ritenour Spraying HydroseedHydroseeding involves a  slurry with a powerful fertilizer, one that promotes exceptional grass growth. In fact, we can combine different types of fertilizer in one application. We can personalize this for your soil and apply it evenly to enhance your grass. Investing in the treatment even once can offer returns for a long time and make your home or business the envy of the block. Call us today to get started.

You’re welcome to learn more about hydroseeding by contacting our company.