You’ve probably employed some form of pest control in Butler, PA, but you may not have realized the importance of tick control specifically. Ritenour Custom Lawn Care, Inc. can keep away some of the animal kingdom’s worst members. If you’re near a heavily wooded area or enjoy a yard with lots of shrubs and trees, lawn tick control is an essential service for you. Your pets and family will thank you for keeping them safe and healthy.

We can treat your yard with a special tick treatment which is a liquid application applied to property and its border. Studies have shown that with professional tick control in Butler County, the population of these pests can be reduced as much as 85% to 90%, and we make that our goal for you with every treatment. Ticks can be trouble, but they’re easily manageable with the right service.


Being proactive is often the best strategy for success, and tick control is no exception. If you or someone in your house or place of business is noticing bites or has discovered one of these little critters attached to them, call us right away. We’ll stop over and perform an inspection, provide a free quote, and come up with a prevention strategy. Early action is imperative to protect both people and pets from the diseases that ticks carry. Infections can spread in just 24 hours, so hiring our service for lawn pest control in Butler, PA, now is far wiser than waiting until ticks have already invaded.

We also recommend staying away from bushes until our lawn tick control can take effect. These are the places where ticks love to hide, and they’re small enough to latch onto passersby unnoticed. If a tick does attach, be sure to seek medical help quickly to prevent disease.


Our service is designed for use all year round, and as professionals, we know when ticks are most likely to be a problem.  We offer an application in the spring and bring it to you with due diligence.  Our technicians can even do follow-up treatment if necessary; whatever your yard needs, we’ll do our best to provide. We take tick control seriously and spare no effort to keep them at bay.


Lyme disease is an infectious illness caused by bacteria that can be spread to humans through the bite of an infected tick. This disease can cause severe and long-lasting effects, and in some cases it may even be fatal. Lyme disease is a serious public health concern, and controlling ticks can help reduce the spread of this infection.

Ticks are able to transmit Lyme disease to humans through their saliva when they bite into human skin. Once infected with the bacteria from a tick bite, a person may experience symptoms such as fever, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint swelling and stiffness. Other more noticeable signs include a bullseye rash at the site of the bite that may begin to appear in the first three to thirty days after the initial infection. If untreated, Lyme disease can progress and cause inflammation of joints, heart problems or neurological issues that could become permanent disabilities.

It is very important to take measures that help reduce the number of ticks in areas where people are likely to come into contact with them such as wooded or grassy areas or even backyards in urban settings. Keeping lawns trimmed short and eliminating standing water on properties where possible can also reduce tick populations. Finally, if an individual finds a tick on themselves they should use tweezers to remove it as soon as possible and contact their healthcare provider if any symptoms develop afterwards. These actions taken together will help prevent people from getting exposed to ticks infected with Lyme-causing bacteria and potentially contracting this debilitating illness.

Contact our landscapers for trustworthy tick treatment today. We’ve been driving them out of Butler, Pennsylvania, and the nearby neighborhoods for several years.